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Results: Allie saves Kiera Hogan, Rosemary makes her return 

Tonight at Bound For Glory, Allie was able to fulfill her promise in saving her friend Kiera Hogan.

As seen on last week’s episode of Impact, Father James Mitchell helped Allie arrive in the Undead Realm and informed her that Su Yung was holding Kiera in a chapel upstairs. He also warned Allie to be careful to not touch her soul if she saw it, for it will now stay in the Undead Realm. Allie made her way to the chapel, slaying some of Su Yung’s Undead Bridesmaids along the way.

When Allie reaches the chapel, she found a coffin where Kiera laid inside. Su Yung appeared and tried to attack Allie from behind but Allie was able to avoid some of Su’s hatchet attacks. Yung sees an opening and manages to bring Allie down, choking her in the process. The battle makes its way to another room where Su continues to choke out Allie. Su pulls out a knife but before she could use it, Allie stabs Su in the neck.

Allie pulls Kiera out of the coffin and the two look for their escape but Mitchell reappears to tell them that he promised to help Allie get in the Undead Realm but nothing about helping them get out. As Su’s Undead Bridesmaids appeared, a returning Rosemary emerged to help fight them off.

Rosemary then ordered a hesitant Allie to escape as she fought Su and her Undead Bridesmaids. When Allie and Kiera returned to the normal realm, a hectic Allie wanted to go back to the Undead Realm to save Rosemary. Kiera tries to calm Allie down but Allie replies saying things are not okay.

What did you think of the Undead Realm battle?

Results: Tessa Blanchard retains the Knockouts Title 

Tonight at Bound For Glory, Tessa Blanchard retained the Knockouts Championship against her latest challenger Taya Valkyrie.

The Knockouts started the match with reversals, trying to gain early control of the match. Taya manages to take down Blanchard with a head scissors. She followed up with a kick to the midsection, knee strike to head and roundhouse kick at a corner. After taking a spear from Taya, Blanchard powders to the outside and takes advantage when she knocks Taya off a turnbuckle and connects a hanging neck breaker.

The Knockouts get back to the ring where Blanchard gains control after hitting a Code Breaker from the middle rope. She follows up a running kick to the back and sets up for the Buzzsaw DDT but Taya counters with a German Suplex. Taya takes Blanchard to a corner for a clothesline, running hip attack and running double knees strike.

Taya takes Blanchard to the top turnbuckle for a top rope suplex and then locks in a grounded submission. Blanchard powers out of it and connects a suplex. The Knockouts get to their feet, Blanchard attempts another Buzzsaw DDT but Taya counters with a TKO for a two count. Taya sets up for the Road to Valhalla but Blanchard breaks from her grips and counters with a Cutter.

Blanchard climbs the top rope and soars but Taya catches her and hits a chokeslam. Taya heads to the rope for a moonsault and locks in an armbar. Taya switches gears and locks in a modified cross face but Blanchard makes it to the ropes. Blanchard latches onto the ring skirt, causing the referee to be distracted as Taya hits the Road to Valhalla.

Blanchard sidesteps from a charging attack, causing Taya to crash to a corner, and hits the Buzzsaw DDT for a near fall. The Knockouts fight at a corner, where Taya sets Blanchard up for a powerbomb but the latter counters with a head scissors. Blanchard climbs the top rope again and hits a flying Code Breaker to retain.

What did you think of the match?

Bound For Glory Discussion Post 

Tonight at Bound For Glory, Tessa Blanchard defends the Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkyrie.

Read‘s preview to tonight’s match below:

Since she arrived in IMPACT at Redemption, Tessa Blachard has run roughshod over the Knockouts Division. A third generation wrestler, her legacy all but guaranteed her success but she took over the division with a forcefulness and dominance we have seen in a long time, defeating Kiera Hogan, Allie and Su Yung. She insists she’s undeniable – she proved it in short order.

There is one person she has yet to overcome however: Lucha Royalty, Wera Loca herself Taya Valkyrie. Taya was fed up of seeing Blanchard bully the Knockouts division and had some less than glowing words to say about Tessa’s character and the match was on. So far in her Championship reign, Tessa has had the power advantage against everybody she’s wrestled – that may not be the case tonight. 64% of the time the Knockouts Championship has changed hands at Bound For Glory – history favors the challenger.

Tonight will also see Allie enter the Undead Realm to try and save her friend Kiera Hogan:

Su Yung has haunted Allie since “The Undead Bride” arrived in IMPACT Wrestling on the March 22nd episode of IMPACT. Allie had just captured the Knockouts Championship for a second time and Su burst onto the scene to make Allie’s life a living hell.

Su trapped Allie’s best friend Rosemary in a coffin and cremated it. Yung took Allie’s Knockouts Championship and her soul at Under Pressure on May 31st. Su banished Madison Rayne from IMPACT at Slammiversary and Su took Kiera Hogan from Allie two weeks ago on IMPACT, despite Allie’s vow that Su Yung would never take anybody from her again.

Allie has already embraced the shadow to fight Su to no avail. Now, with the help of Father James Mitchell, Allie will travel to The Undead Realm to save Kiera’s soul. What happens when your nightmare’s come to life and you have to fight them? What else will Allie find in The Undead Realm? Can Kiera be saved?

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Bound For Glory Predictions 

Tonight at Bound For Glory, Tessa Blanchard will defend the Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkyrie. Will a new Knockous Champion be crowned?

Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts Title

Josue: I’m going to keep this very brief as there really hasn’t been much build behind this match. For me, Tessa Blanchard has been the strongest signing Impact has acquired in awhile and I’ve really enjoyed the splash she’d made within the Knockouts division! Taya missed out on last year’s Bound For Glory so, in a way, I am glad she is getting a chance to make up for it this year. But I don’t feel like Impact are going to have Tessa drop the belt just yet, especially after having her chase after it for months. Tessa Blanchard for the win.

Allie goes to the Undead Realm

Josue: So I’m still not sure if this can be predicted as an official ‘match’? I’m still sticking to the theory that this will play out as some special ‘Broken Universe’/’Ultimate Deletion’ style confrontation. I like this unpredictability and really think that Impact has a chance to be creative with how this feud end – assuming this is the final chapter between Allie and Su. Who knows, maybe even this will be a chance to bring back Rosemary back onto our screens! I’ll say that Allie will finally ‘slay’ Su, saving Kiera Hogan in the process but her deal with Father James Mitchell will come back to bite her or she’ll fully be consumed by darkness.

What are your predictions for tonight’s Bound For Glory?


MYC II Week VI: Live Free, Fight Hard 

Hello, party people! Mykel is back (three reviews this week! Boo-yah!) with another Mae Young Classic Review! We saw Rhea Ripley, Meiko Satumora, Lacey Lane, and Toni Storm advance from the Sweet Sixteen to the Elite Eight.

This week we see who will join them! We have the following match-ups:

Who will make it? We shall see!

Today in History: Gail Kim becomes the first Knockouts Champion 

On this day in history:

October 14th, 2007 | When the time came to crown the first ever Knockouts Champion, TNA booked a Gauntlet match for Bound for Glory. The match included Angelina Love, Awesome Kong, Christy Hemme, Gail Kim, Jacqueline, ODB, Roxxi, Shelly Martinez, Traci Brooks and Velvet Sky. Knockouts were eliminated by being tossed over the ropes until two remained: Gail and Roxxi. In the end, Gail scored the pin, earning the right to be called the first Knockouts Champion.

What are your memories of this moment?

Upcoming NXT UK Spoilers 

Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of NXT UK, which is set premiere on the WWE Network starting this week, October 17th, at 8 p.m. BT/3 p.m. ET, taped from Plymouth, England at Plymouth Pavilions.


Episode One

* Isla Dawn defeated Nina Samuels.

Episode Two

*NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley delivered an in-ring promo all about opportunity. She offered an opportunity to a handpicked opponent.

* NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley pinned Candy Floss. Rhea beat Candy Floss down after shaking her hand.

Episode Three

* Isla Dawn pinned Killer Kelly. Isla was interviewed in the ring after the match. and said she wants the NXT UK Women’s Title. Rhea Ripley comes out. Isla challenged Rhea to a title match but received no answer.


Nikki Bella says she wanted AJ Lee to return for Evolution 

WWE Superstars Brie Bella and Nikki Bella recently took part in a Q&A session (moderated by Lilian Garcia) at an ACE Comic Con in Chicago to discuss returning to the WWE full time, WWE’s Evolution PPV and reveal Highlights of the interview below.

Returning to the WWE on a full-time schedule:

Brie: It’s been three years for me and two years for Nikki. It’s been amazing, for myself. Going through pregnancy, then having Birdie and just going through so many changes as a woman. Getting back in that ring has been really empowering. I’ve had to kind of face ‘Okay, my body is different. I’m different’ but just standing strong and being back with her [Nikki] has just been an empowering experience.

Nikki: I mean, Evolution is coming and to come back at such an amazing time for women. Not only has that been incredible but it’s been an honor. Plus, our Bella Army, I love being around them!

When they first found about at Evolution:

Brie: We were at home watching. I actually thought they were bringing in Tag Team Titles for the women. Just cause how everyone was out in the ring and how they were speaking. I wasn’t expecting an all-women’s PPV. I’ve got goosebumps just saying it out loud. Sitting on the couch and watching I was like, ‘Wait, what!?’ but it really made me teary eye. This is really a historic moment for WWE.

Nikki: I was with Brie and remember we were both just floored. I was in shock. I didn’t see it coming yet either. I thought maybe we’d see first, maybe, women main event WrestleMania and then an all-women’s PPV but I love the fact that that’s come before that. It’s amazing. I need to have a reign that outbeats the Divas championships so I’m not always called a Diva and then one day I can actually be called a Raw Women’s Champion, so I got red in my eyes and I’m looking for that championship at Evolution.

On WWE dropping the ‘Diva’ brand but still being on E! Network’s Total Divas:

Nikki: Being an executive producer on Total Divas, we’ve had so many discussions about changing the name of the show and unfortunately, it’s on network TV, you can’t just change the name one day. So they have felt that people will still be connected with it even though it’s called Total Divas. I feel like the opposite – I feel like there’s a huge disconnect because we’ve made that name so bad. And believe me as girls even in the past, I remember when they brought out the butterfly championship and we were all kind of like, ‘Oh.’ We weren’t expecting it… it’s totally cute, but it wasn’t like what the women were craving. They were craving what it is now. So that’s why Evolution is so beautiful, cause it’s the women of the past, also the future and the present fighting – you know, everyone gets to be at one show with that same vision. It’s finally coming to life.

On wanting AJ Lee to be a part of Evolution:

Nikki: I was actually hoping she was going to be at Evolution. She was a huge part of the Women’s division and if she came back, I would totally love to [wrestle her]. We had good chemistry. I really loved when Paige and AJ and Brie and I had a really good story going for a long time. I felt like that really helped with the evolution, [to] where it’s at today. So, it would be so fun.

The Bellas also discuss when they first started wrestling, taping for Total Divas and Total Bellas year round and expanding their wine brand.

You can watch the full Q&A Session below:

Would you like to see AJ Lee make an appearance at Evolution?

Today in History: Gail Kim vs. Maria Kanellis in a No DQ match 

On this day in history:

October 13th, 2016 | After winning the Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory from Maria Kanellis, Gail Kim’s first title defense was against Maria just a few days later. This time, however, there was more than just a title at stake as Maria’s role as Leader of the Knockouts division was also on the line. Despite a No DQ stipulation added to the match, Maria’s assistant Allie had informed her that an email from an unnamed sender banned Maria’s entire Lady Squad and husband Mike Bennett from ringside. With the odds against her, Maria made the most of attacking Gail with any weapon she get her hands but ultimately was defeated and removed from power.

What are your memories of this moment?