New favourite to be WWE Champion after Daniel Bryan

Sky Bet have released the betting odds for who will be the next WWE Champion after Daniel Bryan. We do want to point out that this is just the betting figures and made on speculation of future storytelling.

Daniel Bryan run as a heel WWE Champion has been fantastic and a highlight of each show he is a part of. We are not hoping for his run to be a short one, however, as wrestling fans, we are always interested in the future of the product, whether that be storytelling or fantasy booking.

At present The Miz is the current favourite to be the next WWE Champion, with odds of 5/6, making him the heavy favourite. Of course, there are some familiar names in the running, AJ Styles in second place with 7/4. More surprising is to find John Cena in 3rd favourite position with odds of 9/1, Randy Orton and Samoa Joe both fill out the top 5 at odds of 10/1.

Giving the work The Miz has put in over the last few years, it feels like The Most Must-See Superstar should have been competing for the WWE Championship for quite some time. But with rumours going around of the WWE Champion match at the Royal Rumble being a triple threat between Bryan, Styles and The Miz, it’s easy to see why the Miz has become a heavy favourite.

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