Possible reason why Smackdown Women’s Championship match is a Triple Threat TLC match

The Empress of Tomorrow Asuka won a battle royal on Smackdown Live this week and has been added to the first ever Women’s Tables, Ladders and Chairs match with Charlotte and the current champion Becky Lynch taking place on December 16th. With many people happy that Asuka has seemingly been elevated up the card, several are wondering what the reason was behind the sudden inclusion.

Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Radio that one of the reasons why Asuka was added to this match up could be because Becky Lynch has just been cleared from a pretty bad concussion, therefore they likely need someone else to do some work so that Lynch might be able to take a little bit less of the action to keep the risk of being injured again at a minimum.

“Who knows what kind of condition Becky is in and they’re putting her in a match with tables, ladders and chairs coming off of a concussion. I mean it’s very possible that the reason Asuka’s even in the match is so that her and Charlotte can carry the load here and not put Becky at risk”

WWE wants to keep Lynch fit and competing especially in the lead up to Wrestlemania season. But if you put Becky Lynch in this match and expect her not to give over 100% then you’re asking for trouble. All I know is, at present this triple threat TLC match is the contest I am looking forward too over any other announced match at present.

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