WWE Hall of Fame & NXT Takeover: New York Swap Days

The WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and NXT Takeover: New York are switching days ahead of Wrestlemania 35 in April. NXT will now take place on the Friday night, Saturday morning for us Brits, and the Hall of Fame will be on the Saturday night.

The first time an NXT Takeover happened on a Wrestlemania weekend was in 2016 when Wrestlemania was held in Dallas. NXT took place two days before and the Hall of Fame took place on the Saturday. No word as of yet how long this years Hall of Fame ceremony will be with the last two years being closed too four hours long.

One reason for this change could be because of the ROH/NJPW show is taking place at MSG on the 6th April, and WWE would not want to split the fan base between the two shows.

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