LAX Break Consecutive Day Record

They have kept their heads down and worked. They have pushed through and worked. Santana and Ortiz, lead by Konnan made 2018 their year. From WrestleCon in New Orleans, to competing in the United Kingdom to winning 3 World Tag Team Titles, LAX captured glory in 2018. Capped off by beating the OGz in New York City at Bound For Glory.

Santana and Ortiz are the very best. They are also now the longest reigning World Tag Team Champions in IMPACT history. They will be at Homecoming defending their Titles against the Lucha Bros! and if they can win in Nashville, 2019 will start the same way 2018 did for this incredibly talented team.

TagTitles LAX Break Consecutive Day Record Santana Ortiz LAX Konnan

They will be in Mexico for IMPACT LIVE on January 11th and 12th and we can’t wait to see what they do in Mexico City. Will they be World Tag Team Champions?

Mexico-1 LAX Break Consecutive Day Record Santana Ortiz LAX Konnan

We congratulate LAX on this incredible accomplishment for holding their World Tag Team Titles for over 220 consecutive days. When will their reign over the tag team division end? If you ask Santana and Ortiz, they are just getting started.

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